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Our Story and Mission

Crypto represents disruptive technology, liquid public markets, and new use cases and business models built on top of programmable blockchains.

Navigating this space requires an approach operating at the intersection of cryptography, game theory, network and behavioral economics, competitive strategy, computer science, early stage investing, credit analysis, and portfolio management.

Elite Asset Management

Elite Asset Management is an investment management firm that specialises in investments in the digital assets ecosystem.

Since 2009 we have excelled to and remained at the forefront of this exciting and emerging market, offering results and services unmatched elsewhere. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best available tools and experience, whilst taking a sensible yet impressive approach to both traditional and digital asset management.

Aside from offering asset management services,
Elite Asset Management also provides other crypto or blockchain-focused financial services, such as:

Investment banking for blockchain and digital asset companies

Prime brokerage fully managed trading account

Principal investments in various ventures* and liquid crypto and digital assets

*early-stage and late-stage

Crypto Trading signals and portfolio management

We partner with the teams and projects building this paradigm-shifting technology, as investors and as users, from the earliest stages to and through the liquid market journey.

And we use and build blockchain infrastructure to create the future of financial services, including securitizing traditional assets on-chain, and working with real-world credit originators to provide capital and support as they move along their growth path

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Elite Asset Management

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Elite Asset Management

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Elite Asset Management


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Elite Asset Management


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